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 CP Editor

for CP73, CP88


This is a powerful and easy to use Editor that will help you get the most out of your CP73/CP88 Stage Piano.

Basic features are:
  • Full System, Sound Common, Zone, Piano, E.Piano, Sub parameters editing in a compact, intuitive user interface.
  • Supports copy/paste for Sound Common, Zone, Piano, E.Piano, Sub parameters.
  • Loads and saves Sounds to files.
  • Reads Sounds Names directly from the synthesizer.
  • Records and plays back phrases: You can audition a phrase looping while you are editing your Sounds!
  • Reveals the system exclusive message for every tweakable parameter.
  • Supports MIDI input from additional MIDI controller for more convenient control.
  • Supports MIDI output to one auxiliary tone generator (MIDI thru).
  • Edit controls respond to numeric or text data entries!
  • Fully accessible on Windows using UI Automation!


The application is included in the CP Tools