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 Montage Waveform Editor

for Montage, MODX


Montage Waveform Editor is a powerful and easy to use editor that helps you create and edit User Waveforms for the Montage/MODX in the most convenient way.
Furthermore it can act as a librarian for Live Sets, Performances, User Waveforms, Arpeggios and Curves, so that you are always in control of what is installed on your Montage/MODX while preserving data consistency!

Key features include:

Waveform / Sample Editor

  • You can import instruments from several sources as Waveforms: SoundFont (SF2) files, GigaStudio (GIG), AKAI (AKP), AIFF, WAV, MP3, WMA, FLAC and OGG Vorbis files are supported. Metadata information (loop points, velocity ranges etc) inside the files is recognized!
  • You can import samples from several audio files: AIFF, WAV, MP3, WMA, FLAC or OGG. Metadata information (loop points, velocity ranges etc) inside the files or even in the filenames (pattern matching) is recognized!
  • You can easily assign different samples across the keyboard and edit all parameters of Keybanks including Volume, Pan, Key/Velocity range etc.
  • You can audition samples, edit loop points and apply effects like Loop Crossfade, Normalizing and Trimming.

Live Set / Performance Librarian

  • When you copy Live Sets or Performances from one file to another, the dependent User Waveforms/Arpeggios/Curves used by the Performances are copied automatically!
  • When you reorder or move Waveforms/Arpeggios/Curves on one file, all the Performances that are using them are updated automatically!

Waveform Player

  • You can use your Montage/MODX or any other connected MIDI keyboard to audition your Waveforms by playing music with them!
  • Filter Cutoff/Resonance, Envelope Attack/Release, Modulation Wheel, Pitch Bend and Sustain Pedal controls are supported to enhance the auditioning experience!
  • ASIO, WASAPI and WDM Kernel Streaming technologies are supported on Windows to ensure minimum playback latency!


Montage Waveform Editor can be downloaded here:

 Montage Waveform Editor version 1.2.1
  for Windows (64-bit)
  9,64 MB  
Download Montage Waveform Editor 64-bit
  for Windows (32-bit)
  8,32 MB  
Download Montage Waveform Editor
  for macOS
  11,80 MB  
Download Montage Waveform Editor

Important: Please, make sure you are using the latest firmware distributed by YAMAHA.
Important: The application uses Qt 5.9.7 under GNU LGPL v. 3.0. Source code of the Qt libraries as used is available here.

What's new in version 1.2.1

  • Fixed a problem where looping samples could be clicking on the Montage/MODX!
  • Fixed a problem with MODX Library file creation
  • Improved support for High Dpi Monitors
  • Minor fixes and enhancements