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 Complete Pack

for Montage, MODX


Montage Tools is a complete editor/librarian solution for the Montage/MODX series of synthesizers, consisting of:


All editors and librarian are distributed in one single package.
The latest version of the pack can be downloaded here:

 Montage/MODX Tools 2.0.0
 for Montage
  8,05 MB  
Download Montage Tools
  11,68 MB  
Download Montage Tools
 for MODX
  7,77 MB  
Download MODX Tools
  10,40 MB  
Download MODX Tools

You can choose to install only the applications you want during the installation process.
You can purchase applications separately or by bundle.

Important: Please, make sure you are using MONTAGE version 3.00.1 and above or MODX version 2.00.1 and above
as well as the latest drivers distributed by Yamaha for Montage and MODX.

What's new in Montage/MODX Tools version 2.0.0

  • Total Librarian: redesigned to open each document in a separate Window
  • Total Librarian: added support for Smart Morph information in Performances Bulk Dumps!
  • Performance Editor: supports multiple selection for Parts, Elements, FM-X Operators, Control Sets, Super Knob Links, Scenes and Zones so that their parameters can be changed simultaneously!
  • Live Set Editor: supports multiple selection for Slots so that their parameters can be changed simultaneously!
  • Live Set Editor: now you can select several slots to reorder via drag-and-drop!
  • Live Set Editor: automatically selects current Slot on the synth
  • All Applications are now 64-bit on Windows
  • Improved support for High DPI displays
  • Improved support for Multiple Monitor setups
  • Several UI improvements
  • Several fixes and enhancements