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 Performance Editor

for Montage, MODX, MODX+


Montage/MODX Performance Editor is a complete editor solution for the Montage/MODX synthesizers, consisting of:
  • Performance Editor
  • AWM2 Editor
  • FM-X Editor
  • Drum Kit Editor

Basic features are:
  • Full Performance Common, Part, Arpeggiator, Motion Sequence, Scene and Zone parameters editing in a compact, intuitive user interface.
  • Easy Super Knob and Assignable Knob Control Sets routing.
  • Easy editing of Performances names from the PC keyboard.
  • Allows selection of patches by Bank or by Category. Supports searching of patches by name.
  • Supports copy/paste for Parts, Effects, AWM2 Elements, FMX-Operators, Drum Keys, Controls Sets, Motion Sequence Lanes, Arpeggiator Parts and Zones!
  • Loads and saves Performances or individual Parts to files.
  • Imports Performances from YAMAHA MONTAGE Connect X7B files or MODX Connect X8B files.
  • Reads Performance names directly from the synthesizer.
  • Records and plays back phrases: You can audition a phrase looping while you are editing your Performances!
  • And much more!


The application is included in the Complete Pack