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 Motif Waveform Editor

for Motif XF, MOXF and Motif XS


Motif Waveform Editor is a powerful and easy to use editor that helps you create and edit User Waveforms for the Motif XF, MOXF and Motif XS in the most convenient way.
Furthermore it can act as a librarian for Voices and User Waveforms at it imports and converts Voices and User Waveforms among different Motif XF, MOXF and Motif XS files!

Key features include:

Waveform / Sample Editor

  • You can import instruments from several sources as Waveforms: SoundFont (SF2) files, GigaStudio (GIG), AKAI (AKP), AIFF, WAV, MP3, WMA, FLAC and OGG Vorbis files are supported. Metadata information (loop points, velocity ranges etc) inside the files is recognized!
  • You can import samples from several audio files: AIFF, WAV, MP3, WMA, FLAC or OGG. Metadata information (loop points, velocity ranges etc) inside the files or even in the filenames (pattern matching) is recognized!
  • You can easily assign different samples across the keyboard and edit all parameters of Keybanks including Volume, Pan, Key/Velocity range etc.
  • You can audition samples, edit loop points and apply effects like Loop Crossfade, Normalizing and Trimming.

Voice / Waveform Librarian

  • You can import Voices, User Arpeggios and User Waveforms from Motif XF X3V/X3A/X3W/X3G or Motif XS X0V/X0A/X0W/X0G files. You can import Voices and User Waveforms from MOXF X6A/X6V/X6W files.
  • When you copy Voices from one file to another, the corresponding User Waveforms that the Voices are using are copied automatically!
  • When you reorder Waveforms on one file, all the Voices that are using them are updated automatically!

Waveform Player

  • You can use your Motif or any other connected MIDI keyboard to audition your Waveforms by playing music with them!
  • Filter Cutoff/Resonance, Envelope Attack/Release, Modulation Wheel, Pitch Bend and Sustain Pedal controls are supported to enhance the auditioning experience!
  • ASIO, WASAPI and WDM Kernel Streaming technologies are supported on Windows to ensure minimum playback latency!


Motif Waveform Editor can be downloaded here:

 Motif Waveform Editor version 2.0.0
  for Windows (64-bit)
  11,07 MB  
Download Motif Waveform Editor 64-bit
  for Windows (32-bit)
  9,74 MB  
Download Motif Waveform Editor
  for macOS
  13,80 MB  
Download Motif Waveform Editor

Important: Please, make sure you are using the latest firmware distributed by YAMAHA.
Important: The application uses Qt 5.5.1 under GNU LGPL v. 3.0. Source code of the Qt libraries as used is available here.

What's new in version 2.0.0

  • Added Waveform Playback capability: you can audition Waveforms by playing on the on-screen or any connected MIDI keyboard!
  • Added volume, envelope, filter, pitch bend, modulation and sustain pedal control functionality to enhance the auditioning experience!
  • Added ASIO, WASAPI exclusive mode and WDM Kernel Streaming on Windows to ensure minimum playback latecny!
  • Added Keybank transpose feature: you can change the root and keyboard range of many Keybanks at once!
  • Added more options for FadeIn/FadeOut/Crossfade curves: You can select between slow/linear/fast curves.
  • Several fixes and enhancements.